Voice-Over 1970 - 1979


[Corry Anders who is Jeannie’s master]

Voice-over Animated version of I Dream of Jeannie aired on Saturday mornings from September 1973 to August 1975. 14 Episodes; Mark’s name is listed as "Marc Hammil" in the credits. Corry, a High School student, finds a magic lamp and becomes master to Jeannie and her side-kick Babu.
A total of 48 episodes were recorded


[Sean, king of the fairies]

"Wizards" is an animation film by Ralph Bakshi who also made another animation film "Fritz, The Cat". You can call "Wizards" a fantasy film because of it's dark visions of the future.
10 million years ago the earth had been destroyed by a nuclear disaster. The nuclear contamination let the human beings mutate into disgusting creatures. Their own will doesn't exist anymore. So it's easy for the dictator, Blackwolf, and his robots to rule them in his way. He has it in for his twin brother, Avatar, and his kingdom of fairies and dwarfs. But Blackwolf's troops lack motivation for a fight. So he's using newsreels from a pre-atomic time: old Nazi newsreels and films. And they bring him the success he needs. With such brain-washed forces he starts a war. But-as in every fairytale - the good defeats the evil by destroying the antediluvian film projector.
Mark's voice over work started a very long time ago - back in the early seventies with a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. But his role in "Wizards" is very small: just a few lines until his character - Sean, King of the mountain fairies - got shoot. Lots of you know his voice. But before Sean even starts talking you'll recognize him as Mark's character. All of you who know the film will agree - it's the look of Sean - his big blue eyes and the blond hair - a real cute little fellow.
Just a warning at the end: you must have a soft spot for the films by Ralph Bakshi to like this film. Otherwise you would only watch these very few minutes with Sean. "Wizards" is an animation film for an adult audience. And it'll take a while till you reach the scene that is interesting for you.