TV-Shows 1970 - 1979

Bob Hope's Christmas Special Special
One of the guest stars of Bob Hope’s annual Christmas Special, Mark appeared in two sketches. One a direct take-off of Star Wars with the theme of Santa’s been hijacked, Mark appeared as Luke, Bob Hope as Barf Vader, Perry Como as "the most relaxed astronaut in the universe" and Olivia Newton-John as the princess. In the other both Mark and Bob Hope play children locked in a toy store.
NBC Today Show An Interview with the cast: Mark, Harrison and Carrie hosted by Gene Shallet


The Making Of Star Wars A look behind the scenes of the making of the movie plus interviews with the cast.
(Also available on dvd)
Academy Awards Live coverage of the 50th Annual Awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Presenter of the Visual Effects Award.  
35th Annual Golden Globe Awards Presenter at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association awards show, honoring the best in motion picture and television.  
Star Wars Holiday Special Special-CBS
[Luke Skywalker]
Han Solo must help Chewbacca return home for "Life Day". Included was an animated segment featuring Boba Fett.
Arena BBC show
This show featured interviews with Mark and Gary Kurtz.