Kodak a commercial Mark did for Kodak
Kraft 'Roku Blue' salad dressing On a set made to look like an old-fashioned ice cream parlour, Mark is dressed as a soda jerk.
Get High on Yourself A one minute commercial featuring a large number of celebrities singing with children in an effort to show that are alternatives to drugs. Mark appears approximately 20 seconds into the commercial.
Will Rogers Institute Trailer Trailer
An advertisement trailer that was shown in Movies theaters to help promote the Will Rogers Institute of Research and Health Education.
Opportunity Music Video Clip  
Norby, the Mixed Up Robot Released by Caedmon records was available on Audiocassette.
[Mark does all the characters]
Story based on the book by Janet and Isaac Asimov, the story revolves around Jeff Wells who is flunking out of the Space Academy until Norby the teaching robot tries to help. this only further complicates Jeff’s life
Pinocchio Narrated by Mark, By Carlo Collodi, adapted by Stephanie Spinner, music by Blane and DeRosa. This is based on the original fairy tale of Pinocchio, not the Disneyfied version
Rock A Lot Music Video Clip
by Aretha Franklin