TV-Shows 1980 - 1989

Christmas in Japan Holiday Moments was a series of one minute spots on television where celebrities would speak about how Christmas was celebrated in different parts of the world. Having lived in Japan for two years, Mark was asked to discuss Japanese customs.  
SPFX: The Empire Strikes Back Mark hosted and Narrated this making of The Empire Strikes Back special originally made for and aired on PBS
It had been released on video, too.
[channel not known] Interview with Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford about The Empire Strikes Back  
Kids are People Too Talks about becoming an actor. Wanting to fly as a child after seeing "Peter Pan" and plays a video game against a champion player.  
Jane Pauley Talkshow  
Disco '80 German only
Mark was guest in the December Show - wearing a weird golden outfit. It was fun hearing him speaking and singing a few words German.
Tele-Bingo Dutch only
Mark was guest in this show where he had to 'push buttons' besides answering sone questions about the shooting of 'The Empire Strikes Back'
Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Awards [no further information]  
Kids Are People, too What chance does Mark have playing 'Space Invaders' against the champion?  
Kids are People Too Introduces the host, then is interviewed, talks about fooling around in school until doing his first play at age 12 and finding out he could do it well and really enjoy getting all the attention. His older brother Bill, being a football star and encouraging one of his younger sisters, Kim, to act. How he gets rid of backstage nerves (demonstrates this) and shows how a director directs in a short skit about Superman  
Movie Blockbusters [no further information]  
The Tomorrow Show Coast to Coast Talk Show  
Tomorrow [no further information]  
Jane Fonda’s Celebrity Fashion Show Co-host with actress Donna Pescow, Mark was only on for a few minutes. This was a fashion/comedy show with many celebrities  
Entertainment Tonight Interview while on tour with "Amadeus". Talks about the production, typecasting and future goals on Broadway  
David Letterman Talk Show  
An American Profile [no further information]  
Classic Creatures: Return of the Jedi Special covers the creation of the various creatures and special effects in the Trilogy.  
From Star Wars to Jedi: Making of a Saga Special Available on Videocassette from Fox Home Video [Mark Hamill] aired on PBS. Narration only. Special is an over view of the entire Trilogy covering the creation, filming and special effects  
David Letterman Talk Show  
Antoinette Perry Awards [no further information]  
Hour Magazine Discussed Star Wars, his love of the theater, Amadeus, Marilou and Nathan  
Merv Griffin Talk Show  
The Tony Awards [no further information]  
CBS Broadcast of Star Wars Guest Host of the first network airing of Star Wars. The opening and ending report given by Mark has been nicknamed the "Star Wars Wrap Around" it included an exclusive look at the behind the scenes of the movie. He also talks about what the Trilogy has meant to him.  
Live at Five [no further information]  
What Price Fame [no further information]  
Star Wars Wrap Around [no further information]  
American Portrait A one minute Public Television spot highlighting the story of Dwight Vretenburg who was the head of a large grocery store chain that spearheaded the printing of missing children’s photographs on milk cartons.  
Jerry Lewis’ Labor DayTelethon Weekend Special  
Live at Five Live interview broadcast from New York City. Interviewed about his role as Tony Hart in "Harrigan & Hart" then running at the Longacre Theatre on Broadway  
The Night of 100 Stars II Special  
Will the Lights Go Out on Broadway? A program discussing the theatre and its financial status. Given soaring production costs and high ticket prices the previous year was one of few shows making a profit. "Harrigan & Hart" was the most expensive musical to be put on that year, costing two million dollars and closing very quickly. Mark was interviewed about his feelings about the play and the effect the poor reviews had on the audience. This interview was done on February 4, 1985 for the Morning Edition of National Public Radio, and was aired in its entirety. Only a part of the discussion was shown on the television program.  
Live from The Hard Rock Cafe [no further information]  
MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour [no further information]  
Today Show [no further information]  
Broadway Applauds Lincoln Center This special featured Hollywood and Broadway’s most notable stars and featured performances from Broadway’s best loved musicals and plays.  
Captain EO Grand Opening Television coverage of the opening celebration at Disneyland.  
CBS News at Five Live broadcast of an interview about his current play 'Room Service'. Discussed his previous plays and role in the Star Wars Trilogy  
Hands Across America Participant in the four-thousand mile long chain of people holding hands from New York to California all in an effort to raise money to aid the hungry and homeless.  
The Rally in the Alley A gathering behind the Shubert Alley in New York City of Broadway stars, whose purpose was to raise funds and peak interest in the Hands Across America event  
Jerry Lewis’ Labor DayTelethon Weekend Special  
NBC The Today Show [no further information]  
CNN News Brief spot on Star Wars, 10 year anniversary.  
Sir Alec Guinness Tribute at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall Special
[Mark Hamill] guest star; also appearing was Carrie Fisher
Bear Aid [no further information]  
The 41st Annual Tony Awards Special
VJ [no further information]  
Good Morning Britain UK only
Interview about 'Slipstream' - in the studio are also Marilou and Chelsea
Wogan UK only
Wogan's guests are Mark Hamill and Don Ameche
Going Live! UK only
Mark is talking about 'Slipstream', special Guest Kenny Baker
MTV’s at the Movies [no further information]  
Stars Fantastic UK only
about 'Slipstream'