TV-Series 1970 - 1979

The Cosby Show The Poet
The Headmaster One Episode: Title not known [Allen]
A group of students, including Allen, and the headmaster of the school, go on a week long trip into the country. It is to be an experiment on living in a society with no teachers or students.
Cannon Country Blues  
Owen Marshall Smiles From Yesterday  
The Partridge Family "Old Scrapmouth"
(Episode #16)
Owen Marshall The Pool House  
General Hospital
51 Episodes
[Keith Murray]
Jesse Brewer’s nephew. Reoccurring role for approximately 9 months. Originally cast as a juvenile delinquent nephew, Keith had a sudden personality change towards the end of the 1972 season and became the perfect boy-next-door. The character was written out of the show when he was sent to a Military Academy.
The FBI title not known
(German title: Das mörderische Quartett)
Night Gallery There Aren't Any More MacBanes
Owen Marshall title not known
(German title: Liebe im Kreuzverhör)
Room 222 Here's the Boy Most Likely
A student, played by Mark, turns to alcohol in order to escape the pressures of home and school.
I Got a Hammer
The Magician Lightning On A Dry Day  
Insight When You See Arcturus
[Young Charles Flemming, Steve Flemming]
Charles Flemming intends to commit suicide. He is stopped when his son, Steve, comes to visit him and persuades him that life is worth living. What Charles realizes at the end is that Steve is a visitation from the dead. Steve died earlier that day after being shot in Lincoln Park.
Manhunter The Lodestar Ambush  
The Texas Wheelers 13 episodes filmed, 7 aired
[Doobie Wheeler]
The comic adventures of Zach Wheeler and his 4 children, one of which is sixteen year old Doobie. This was the first television series of its kind to not have a laugh track.
Bronk In The Line Of Fire
[Kevin Bossick]
Lucas Tanner A Touch of Bribery
The son of a lawyer is tormented by a group of gang members from his high school. They stole a car radio from him and now want payment.

The Outsiders

The Gamblers

The Streets of San Francisco Poisoned Snow  
Eight is Enough Baby Makes Nine
Pilot movie only
[David Bradford]
Marcus Welby MD title not known  
Medical Center title not known  
One Day at a Time Schneider's Pride and Joy
The Streets of San Francisco Innocent No More
[Billy Clark]