TV-Series 1980 - 1989

The Muppet Show [Luke Skywalker/himself]  
Fridays [Mark Hamill, Bob Sterges, Alberto and name not known]
A clone of Saturday Night Live, Mark was a guest host and participated in three sketches.
Men who Hug
[Bob Sterges]
Bob and Ken show that men can be affectionate to each other without being gay, after a hug and a kiss they dance to Embrasable You.
Close Encounters of the Third World
Lost in the jugles of El Salvadore he sees a strange object, it turns out to be a US helicopter with soldiers on board.
Title not known
The Rainbow Patch [the Rainbow Forest Ranger & Captain Brave]  
The Great Space Coaster [Various Characters]
Change Your Image Cheap
The Coaster Car
The Fan
The Crazy Gun Show

[Title not known]
Amazing Stories Gather Ye Acorns
[Jonathan Quick]
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Man on the Edge  
Hooperman Tenement of Blood
[Gary Boxstein]