Just Shoot Me

The List

Major Star Wars fan, Dennis Finch (David Spade), lives a dream come true when he sees Mark Hamill eating lunch in a restaurant. He approaches Mark and starts pestering him with goofy Star Wars questions. Mark is at first cordial and understanding to his ‘fan’ as he tries to explain to Finch that he’s having lunch with an old friend whose grandmother just died and they need to be left alone. Finch refuses to listen to Mark’s tactful request and instead pulls up a chair, persisting in asking Mark ridiculous questions. Finally, Mark loses his patience and yells at Finch to go away, so a disappointed Finch leaves (although not before stealing Mark’s fork).
Later, we see Finch back at work, and suddenly (to his complete astonishment) Mark walks up to Finch’s desk, and apologizes for yelling at Finch in the restaurant. To make it up to Finch, Mark invites him out to dinner and a gleeful Finch accepts.
A brief time passes, and we see Finch in a meeting bragging about how he and Mark have been hanging out together all week, although he does make the comment that it’s a bit weird of Mark to have stopped by at 5:00a.m. that morning with donuts. A few hours later, Mark shows up at Finch’s office again, and pleads with Finch to let him hang out at work. Finch tries to give Mark the brush-off, but Mark doesn’t take the hint and instead trails around after Finch all day, pestering him with goofy questions and peppering his conversation with dumb Star Wars-related comments, much to Finch’s annoyance. Finally, Finch can’t take it anymore and yells at Mark that he’s acting like a ‘psycho’, and is driving Finch crazy with all his stupid questions. Mark quietly replies, You see? You see how it is for me? Having no privacy? Having total strangers want to be my best friend? Finch gets an 'ah-ha' look on his face as he finally understands that Mark has been teaching him a lesson all week. Finch asks Mark, You mean you’re really not crazy? and Mark tells him, Of course not. This sets Finch off into UPF (ultra-passionate-fan) mode again, and Mark is forced (no pun intended) to flee the building, with Finch shrieking dumb questions behind him. (Is the Force still with you? Is Skywalker Ranch really a ranch? … )
Make sure you stay tuned to the closing credits of this episode when a brief (and hilarious) lightsaber battle takes place between Mark and Finch.