The Partridge Family

Old Scrapmouth
(First aired: ABC TV 1970/71 season)

The Partridge family was a singing family with Shirley Jones starring as their mother. Do you know a teenager who wouldn't be upset wearing braces? The same happened to Laurie Partridge (played by Susan Dey) at a time where she hoped that Jerry (Mark Hamill) the shy guy she likes, would ask her to go steady. And she would have to get them during the shooting of a family film for a TV show. Crying can help - at least in such a embarrassing situation she was in - and she did it in the family bus. Jerry joined her wearing his radio's earphone ("Hi! What a coincidence - I just happened to be passing by!") - asking her to go steady. So what would you do now? You would try to cover your mouth because no one should see them and run away. And Jerry stood there wondering what happened.
     Finally Laurie calmed down enough to rehearse the show. Problem resolved? Nope. When she tried to play the keyboard, she had to stop because she heard the Rolling Stones playing in her mouth. That was too much for all others. But the dentist could explain all - it was the feedback picked up by her braces coming by a nearby radio. Remember - there was someone with a radio! Everybody rushed out to find the source, and Jerry stepped in. ("Hi! What a coincidence - I just happened to be passing by and I nearly got trampled.") Laurie spotted Jerry's radio and realized it has been causing the feedback. The show could go on with no more breaks and problems. And Jerry? He stayed to watch the show and sang along.
     Watching these old TV shows and comparing them with shows and films of the last few years - you'll find the same expressions and gestures. Historical note: Jerry gave Laurie her first on-screen kiss.