The Magician

Lightning On A Dry Day

The opening scene of this episode is showing Ian Keefer (Mark Hamill) lying asleep on his bed in a hospital room - and then woken up by laughter and applause. He gets up to search the psychiatric clinic for the source of these noises. A magician is performing a few tricks for some of the patients. Ian is watching all through the door's windows. His smiles shows that he's enjoying the show until the Magician (Bill Bixby) makes a woman disappear in a burst of flames. Suddenly Ian goes crazy - yelling and screaming hysterically and not able to tell why he reacts this way. The nurses and the doctor have a hard time soothing the boy - making him touch the woman he thought had died in the burst of flames he witnessed.
     The Magician, Anthony Blake, learns that the boy was found two weeks earlier walking in the countryside unable to speak, no reaction to anyone or anything - except fire - fire that makes him hysterical. Tony Blake wants to help find answers to the boy's strange behavior. His task leads him to Elm Ridge where Ian was found. The folks there are hostile to him - destroying the tires of his car and the car's phone. Only the sheriff offers some help after some hesitation. Then he discovers the charred driver's license of an FBI agent in the ashes of a burnt barn near the town. By now Ian has escaped the hospital - trying to meet Tony Blake. Tony asked him to tell him about the barn fire - which makes the boy hysterical again, weeping. Then he starts telling that he saw a man who burnt alive in the barn. Together with the sheriff and his daughter, they learn about a lady who started a laboratory in the cellar of her house, producing a kind of a drug for preventing aging. The drug has a side effect: it has already killed sixteen people. The FBI agent investigating the deaths was lured into the barn and killed by accomplices of the lady - right before Ian's eyes who was hiding in there. To get the lady into jail and the two teenagers back - the sheriff and Blake had sent them accidentally to the old lady thinking they'd be safe there - Tony had to perform some tricks of his magic with the help of the sheriff. Knowing the source for Ian's trauma the doctor can help and cure him so that he can return to normal life soon.